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Jan 5, 2013 3:55pm EST
-term investment. it is by far the largest energy bill in the history country. the stimulus poured and 90 billion, just complete game changer for when, solar and other renewables, energy efficiencies in every imaginable form. i get caught for saying nice things, electric vehicles, advanced biofuels, clean energy resource center elegies of tomorrow in factories to build this staff in the united states. not just energy, but the stimulus is going to drag our antiquated health care system into the digital era said that your doctor might not kill you with his chicken scratch handwriting. by 2015, every american will have an electronic medical record from which really should improve care and reduce cost and as a down payment on health care reform. this included the most ambitious education reform in decades. had the largest infrastructure investments since eisenhower. the largest research investment after. the largest low-cost tax cut since reagan went to more than 95% of the country and less than 10% country noticed it. but in my book i do try to get deep into the bowels of the white house and the bac
Jan 6, 2013 7:00pm EST
this to my staff today. i get a lot of psychic energy from being the mayor of the city, yet i'm there and managers, people who get the job done every single day whose names you never hear about. and the same thing in the work we do, i'm very proud to have been given support to this incredible work your degree-but you know the heroes of light and energy that are working within covenant house, that are making transformative changes, that there's a young kid one day that's going to be born to one of the children there that you'll never know their name, will feel that love. so that's my challenge to everybody, and this is -- science shows if you look in the stars tonight and we live in manhattan so probably won't be able to see a star, but just imagine, when you look up and see a star, think to yourself that hundreds of billioned of light years away and many of those stars you're looking at are gone. they no longer exist. and the billions of years it's taken for the light to get to you. the star itself is gone. but the energy and light that a body gives off while it is alive goes
Jan 5, 2013 11:00am EST
the sun shines is his grave. it is so like jefferson to soak up every last hour, every moment of energy and enlightenment. what do we make of this man who was so eager to embrace the day, to enjoy and to endure as long as he did. we have to see him for what he was. he was a working politician. here is what george washington wrote to jefferson and hamilton in their relatively rough early days in the cabinet, in the 1790s, when as jefferson put it we were daily pitted in the cabinet like two cox at each other's throats. here is washington. how unfortunate that while we are encompassed on all sides with avowed enemies and insidious friends that internal dissensions should be tearing our vitals. very non washington, very vivid phrase. john adams in the same era of the same year said jefferson's mind is poisoned with passion, prejudice and faction. hamilton said of jefferson, this is how well the work, hamilton said of jefferson that anyone who cares about the liberty of the country or welfare of the nation should look with great despair on jefferson's ascendance to the presidency and jeffer
Jan 5, 2013 2:00pm EST
to the energy that drives them to be candid with john burns says. thank you so much for your work. [applause] >> thank you for keeping mrs. reagan in your prayers. she is a remarkable woman who has spent a lifetime serving this country. she continues to be active and playable here at the library. i couldn't come here and not mention her for at least a moment. governor, we have done a lot of things over the years. from the mayor to u.s. senator governor, i look to them as great people who have a willingness to serve their country. it is always a family engagement if you're out there. thank you both for serving the country. it really does make a difference. it's wonderful to be back here. [applause] >> i didn't know you'd be with us, but we are thrilled to have you here tonight. we have launched what we call an american legacy book tour. we are very fond of the library, as you know. we made a movie about ronald reagan and i would like to recognize tonight kevin and his wife. he was the director of the film and kevin do such a great job in the movies that we have done together. so when we come
Jan 6, 2013 7:00am EST
's outstanding director to bring such energy to the library's mission of preserving our nation's history, and our good friend who we always love having with this, pulitzer prize-winning journalist tom oliphant who will serve as tonight's moderator. but tonight's featured speaker is really president kennedy, who in july 1962 installed hidden recording systems in both the oval office and cabinet room so he might have a record of deliberations and exchanges during his administration. the president also used a dictaphone to record his personal observations following key meetings and events. we thought you'd all enjoy seeing the actual dictaphone that he used at senator before becoming president. we put it up there on the stage. we invite you to, look at it after the forum, but this is the real thing. this is what the president used when he was in the senate, the one he used when he was president instead of the national archives. over the years we've welcomed many individuals to the stage have worked for president kennedy. those who wrote for him, those who served with him in the navy, those in him as
Jan 5, 2013 7:00pm EST
to decompos in the forest naturally, but, of course, i have the energy saver light lightbulbs. those change an entire house to those bulbs saves as much carbon in a year as moving to a walkable neighborhood saves in a week. the whole green gizmo green gadget discussion, you know, what can i buy to be sustainable? that's the wrong discussion. it's where can i live and how can i live to contribute less? the answer, again, is the city. this is fundamentally the opposite of american ethos. you know, from jefferson on. cities are not for the moral and health and freedom of man. if we continue to pile upon ourselves in cities like europe, we'll take to eating one another as they do there. [laughter] that was jefferson. that's continuing and continuing, and it made sense back in the 1700s when we had the whole country to spread out on and biggest by-product of transportation was fertilizer. that's not the case now. it's a longer discussion. all three of these are longer discussions, but they are national crisis. we have a national economic crisis. it's only going to get tougher. there's a national
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6